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Started by TheChief, May 12, 2012, 10:00 AM

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"Spence is truly an asset for anyone looking to purchase that exclusive piece from Japan...I requested a hyped item that sold out very quickly. Spence was quick to the trigger and locked down what I was looking for and within a week it arrived at my door! By far one of the best proxy services out there, thank you Spence :) "
Christian Ryan

(Chicago, USA)


100% Legit service and Great Communication! Picked up DS Pink Snakeskin Bapestas. 5/5"
--Konstalashin Beats


"Great service and communication with Spe. Quick delivery (about 1 week from Japan to Denmark). Everything was perfect! (bought a Bape Shark). Can only recommend !!!"
--Anders Jacobsen



Really superb service (fast communication and very friendly) Definately going to use Spe's proxy again, again & again...!!!
--Aado Armani



  SPE is amazing!! I am a collector of Mastermind, Visvim, Neighborhood, etc. I trusted SPE with over US$5000.00 on my first order and everything could not have went smoother. Thanks Spence!!!!!
--John Hegener

(Chicago, USA)


Hi Spe, Quick service and great communication! Fast shipping, will use your service again! Best proxy out there guys! A+++


  I CAN'T say no more! F**King 100000% excellent service!! my buddy~~~~~~~~~fastest shipping ever
  -Yu Hao Chang


  Spe is awesome, it only takes 3 days for me to receive the item from japan to Australia. All emails were replied very quick. Good communication. I never expect that buying item from japan would be this simple and convenient Thanks spe...
  -Tommy S

Great Products, Quick Shipping, Easy contact..luv it..Will definitely recommend anybody.
The General (sk8bapejapangr8)


-Calvin Tsang


Email :N/A awesome service, i wasn't expecting to receive my item today! Easy communication too! Two thumbs up for Spencer!


Yo spence thanks once again for the item, its looking hot. Cant wait to rock this out tonight!..Always helpful and A++++ trusted seller

Super quick shipping! Excellent service A+++++++++
-James Totten


Hi Spence, Received my 3rd order! Great usually, shipping was blazin' fast to Europe! Thanx a lot - The best!
- A.Splinter (The Netherlands)


Perfect seller! very fast transaction, nice communication! Great items!! Recommended for everybody! Ill buy many things from you again!!! Best regards from Europe/Hungary!!
-Ildiko Balasi


Hi Spencer, Excellent and authentic service! Spencer is like a friend on msn ensuring his customers gets what they want. I ordered 2 items from spencer and they arrived within 3 days whilst i was in constant communication with spencer. The items are brand new as if i bought them from a shop! If your looking for authentic BATHING APE products "spe shoppervillage" is the place to shop! Thank You spencer it will be a pleasure to business with you again, you are a true gentlemen
-Johir Ahmed
(United Kingdom)


Damn Freakin fast shippings, Very good comm. As always, dealt I remember 4 times, no problems at all!!!
-P.S Tan


  Hi Spencer, I got the second shipment. As always, thanks for your great service and fast shipping. Best Regards,


  Hi Spence, Recieved the parcel today. Thanks again for the excellent service and I will definitely be using your service again in the future. Thanks,
-Leslie Bashford


Very friendly and helpful, Super fast shipping. highly recommended, Will definitely use this service again. Thank you spencer
- Glen Chow


I got my 2 trainers, very good and easy to talk to spe, jus like a friend on msn ! ! ! ill be shoppin again soon with you . . thanks ! ! !


Hey Spe, Jeans arrived. That was record time. Outsanding service once again. cheers
-Wayne Smith
Creative Copywriter
(United Kingdom)


Hey spencer, I got all my stuff yesterday. Everything was in order. Thanks from me and my brother who bought the supreme stuff and one of the NERD shirts. I have some items for a new order. I'll send you out the money for these items and the outstanding for AKIRA shirt from last order. Thanks again!
- Andrew Deranian
(Decatur, IL,USA)


Just recieved my jeans today. Thank you, Spe. I will be shopping with you again soon. Cheers,


I would like to say that the service has been great, tees are fantastic i am already looking for my next purchase. thankyou so much for such a good service. highly recommended!!!. i have to tell my friends about you as well.
- Akan Inwang
 (United Kingdom)


Another set of vinyl toy buys, everything went perfectly, fast shipment, couldn't be happier! Buy with confidence!!!
- Paul Asente
(Bay Area, California)


HOLY SH*T! The best BAPE ring ever! Came through once again, he's never failed me! 100% Legit with the fastest shipping out there!
- Ronald
 (Bay Area,California)


Hi Spencer, I received the items today. Many thanks for your great service. Will use again!
- Steve Mamman
(The Netherlands)


I'm happy to say I recently received the Hysteric glamour shirt I got from you. Thanks for shipping it out so quickly. You really do run a great service! I'd like to request a couple more things from you soon!
- David Green
(New York, USA)


Thanks Spence for a very smooth transaction. Good communication through out the transaction process. My Hermes watch got held up at the custom but thanks to Spe, my watch arrived safe and sound. He is great for getting stuff in Japan. I will definitely use Spe if future needs arise.
- Albert Chuo


  Many thanks for your service and I'm sure I'll be back sometime!
-Gareth Heatley
(bagder & blade forum)


Spe has an excellent service, and 100% legit! Definitely recommended to anyone wanting goods from japan


I received them yesterday. Thank you so much! I look forward to doing busines with you more.
-David Lewis


Fantastic service. Super service & ultra fast shipping. I'll be using regularly & 100000% recommend to others
-Andrew Newland
(United Kingdom)


Hello Spencer, Just wanted to let you know i got the t-shirt on Saturday already. As always, thanks for your superb service. Best Regards,
-Karun ( a.k.a Joe Brown)


Spe is awesome!


As always spence is the man! always a pleasure dealing with him and always satisfied! will always continue to deal in the future! thanks again spence!
- Kris Cueto


Best Service! East Communication and Hell fast Really happy with the stuff and the speed Thanks Bro
-Yew Liang Goh


  The Guy is Super Quick Thanks for the MT580 Spe buoy
........Nai a.k.a Purplerocket (superfuture forum)


Spe is nothing but a hard worker honest bid service guy..i recommend him over anyone, hes great
- khaltire(superfuture forum)
( Vancouver,Canada)


Spe's service is top notch, buy from this man
-Dryice (superfuture forum)


I just completed a transaction with him, pretty good fees, some of you mentioned shipping price problems or being too high, but the shipping is extremely fast, worked out great, id go with him again
-qwertyuiop5(superfuture forum)


Haha you sucker, yeah stuff arrived sooner than imagined mate. Thanks again and chill man.
-Phelen(superfuture forum)


i got a pair of eternals through his service and the shipping was insanely fast. If all the items came this fast, I don't mind the small extra fee. Will mos def do business with him in the future. My experience was 100% drama free
-Blacbird (superfuture forum)

i HIGHLY recommend spe's service to everybody here, extremely professional, and extremely fast service, ordered my flathead 3001s last week and they already showed up at my door on tuesday, maybe a week turnaround in total, incredible!
-Curiouscharles (superfuture forum)


Did another order with him, very good and great communication, i plan to do a third+
-Charlie Dakin
Date: 2007/4/14 Time: 23:03


  Awesome service Top man. Very very happy
-Andy Newland
(United Kingdom)
Date: 2007/4/13 Time: 19:28


Amazing communication, replied to every email within a few hours. Ridiculiously fast shipping and generally a nice guy. Much recommended!
-Teal Tiger Lin Babies.Of.The.80s
Date: 2007/4/12 Time: 19:12


BAPE Wings Logographic Hat. I bought this purple camo hat off him and I got it! The most legit person ever!
-Ron DZ
Date: 2007/4/12 Time:13:43


Ape x W)taps M65. Hi i am trying to source a size large bape x w)taps m65 jacket ideally the one with the white ape patch on the right shoulder in size large thanks


Hey spencer. Just received the NFS black tiger today... everything is perfect! .... will definitely order again! Thanx
Date: 2007/4/11 Time: 17:51


VISVIM FBT ANCESTOR SHOES. Spencer is wonderful person.Super service and super fast shipping to Belgium. Thanks a lot.
Date: 2007/4/11 Time: 16:40


Excellent Service. Great communication and super quick shipping! Will definately do business again.
-Albert Arakawa
Date: 2007/4/1 Time:16:38


Great! As always, spence came through! start using his service now!!!! =)
-Kris Cueto
Date:2007/4/10 Time: 15:29


Excellent service fast shipping to UK
-Double.O Simon Dubz
(United Kingdom)
Date: 2007/4/6 Time:23:22


NBHD ( Neigborhood).Excellent service
-Double.O Simon Dubz
(United Kingdom)
Date: 2007/4/6 Time:23:20  


I found lots of intresting things here. Keep up the great work. Congratulations!
Date: 2007/4/6 Time: 15:50


Couldn't be better! I've bought over 25 designer vinyl toys through Spencer this year and the experience couldn't be better. Fantastic!!!
-Paul Asente
Date: 2007/4/4 Time: 16:10


Great service. Will do business again soon
Date:2007/4/4 Time:12:20


Bape Hoody. Fast shipping and great service. Spence the best,believe me. thanks
(The Netherlands)
Date: 2007/4/4 Time:11:39


Thanks SPE, the shoes arrived in 3 days and they are awesome! Highly recommended :)
Date: 2007/4/3 Time:18:00


BAPE Crazy Camo 07 (Green) + BAPE Wings Hat.
Hey, I got my stuff in today! You're the man! This guy is the most legit person ever, you should not hesitate to give a payment to him. Spencer comes through with the fastest shipping! Thanks!
-Ron DZ
Date:2007/4/3 Time: 11:59


Simply the best, supa fast delievery from japan, perfect to deal with.
Date: 2007/4/3 Time:00:58


 Red Tiger. Yeahhh the shipping is sooo fast like thunder~~~~
Date: 2007/4/2 Time: 12:19


Fast shipping and great service
Date: 2007/3/30 Time:08:59


Got my item very quick. great service, he is available very often and easy to communicate with, also very flexible
Date: 2007/3/29 Time: 10:04


Fastest Shipping! Spencer is a great person to work with, my first time ordering from him and my item arrived within a week! I would definitely ask bid for his services again :)
Date: 2007/3/27 Time:14:53

 A+++ GiZMO    2007年3月27日 11時19分 Spe's services are awesome. I paid him and less than a week later I receive my item straight from Japan. I recommend his Japan buying service - he's easy to get along with, easy communication and fast shipping

 Good Info Site Thanks  Incestoss incstosss( )web.de    2007年3月27日 10時46分 Hello! Good site!, thanks

 Buying from Japan Raquan    2007年3月26日 12時6分 Hey yall,everyone needs to buy from Spe's Shoppervillage if you want authentic Japanese products.I've been buying from this guy for a while now and he's the best!

 amazing aloeight    2007年3月21日 13時9分 I HIGHLY recommend spe's shopper village to everyone. every order i've made came EXTREMELY fast and Spencer is very cool to deal with. he always keeps in contact and updates me on my orders. i will definitely be ordering on a regular basis.

 Feedback    2007年3月20日 16時21分 Lightning fast service! bids and sends at god-like pace! Reached me the next day!!! Recommended to all anxious buyers. No waiting at all

 Chute Box Parka Ron D Z    2007年3月16日 16時22分 Once again, very successful deal! As usual, Spencer sends the fastest from Japan. Very legit and many more deals to come!

 Super happy camper! Paul Asente ssv-email at asente.com   2007年3月16日 13時29分 Spencer's always come through for me...made over a dozen purchases through him and it's as easy and smooth as can be. Happy camper here!

 spe is the man! greys2k greys2k( )yahoo.com   2007年3月15日 22時48分 Great service and delivery - friendly and excellent communication. don't forget to visit HTTP://SHOP.HEAT-GEAR.COM AIM: CHINMAN75

 Bape Tiger Hoodie Richard richard_42 at hotmail.com   2007年3月13日 23時16分 Thanks, Spence got the Tiger in today, super fast shipping. Pleasure doing business.

 spence came through as always   2007年3月13日 11時47分 package came today...always a pleasure to deal with. been using spence's service for months now! always satisfied and will continue to use his services again =)

 Thanks Spencer Aaron ayeunguk326( )yahoo.co.uk   2007年3月9日 16時50分 very good service, quick shipment and communication. very reliable everyone can buy with full confidence!

 YOU ROCK Edward Pak    2007年3月6日 11時31分 Spencer is the man and he takes care of his customers. Highly recommended. Quick shipment and communication. Thanks SPEEZO!

 Calis    2007年3月5日 21時40分 Got my nike sbs from him again once again great service !!

 Thanks Spe sc    2007年3月1日 22時21分 Great guy, Great communication, Great service! Thanks so much Spe. =D

 spence once again came through for me! =) kris kc-one( )rogers.com   2007年2月28日 14時22分 100% satisfied. Definitely always a pleasure to deal with and will continue to in the future! thanks again spence!!!!

 levis pstan84 pstan84( )yahoo.com.sg   2007年2月27日 13時46分 Got my levi's fenom, good service, best comm I've ever met!!

 Undercover Shoes Mark    2007年2月25日 15時9分 Spencer is the man! Once again, excellent communications and service helped me get the shoes that i was looking for. Tks spencer! You rock!

 Top Notch Service !! James Roswell   2007年2月23日 20時2分 Simply the best service ever from Japan!

 phoby   Excellent Service !! Will Get Stuff From You Guys Again

 mr johan ----ss---   2007年2月22日 18時49分 Spencer comes through once again, as always: best rates, lightning fast shipping and all around good communication! Truly a scolar and a gentleman!

 Excellent Richard    2007年2月22日 9時37分 5* service! Would definitely use again!

 Superb!!! zombieb    2007年2月22日 8時31分 Spence is the man!! Great service and a really quick delivery to London with no tax/customs charge. Would recommend to anyone around the world. thanks

 simply the best Francois    2007年2月13日 20時37分 Thanks again for the great service, Like always the best.!!!!!! Also for using extra tape for the box. C U

 RoyaleFam Black Saigon rondz    2007年2月13日 10時23分 Thanks Spencer! Once again a successful transaction, you're the best!

 Spence the man Francois    2007年2月9日 17時57分 Whats up,spence. Thanks again for the great service, Like always the best.!!!!!! C U

 Thank you. Tabitha    2007年2月9日 8時41分 Thank you so much for your services. Everything went perfect and there were no problems. I will definitely be doing more business with you. Thank you again.

 thanks popolove    2007年2月7日 16時39分 Once again great service spencer, thanks a lot

 APE jeans M nsxpert   2007年2月7日 13時22分 Awesome jeans A++++ service

 Yahoo Japan Auctions  Singh -   2007年2月3日 9時34分 Top service, even better guy! Buy from Spencer and you'll get quality through and through! Definatly coming back! ;)

 once again, excellent ron tam    2007年2月2日 16時22分 ive bought from spencer too many times, his service is perfect. extremely nice guy - seriously you cannot find any other!

 Hoodie Karun    2007年1月29日 22時18分 Thanks again for the great service.

 Great service M nsxpert   2007年1月28日 16時27分 Very fast shipping. Great communication. AWESOME hoody

 Great Service! Tim    2007年1月28日 13時0分 Great service! Very easy communication and transaction =) Love the hoody I received!

 Yahoo Japan Auctions Sauron    2007年1月28日 12時40分 Great service!

 spence came through once again! kris kc-one( )rogers.com   2007年1月26日 13時47分 Spence is the man!! i got my 1st holy grail bape item all thanks to him. extremely fast shipping and very friendly! you should all use his service right now!! =)


 GREAT SERVICE    2007年1月23日 19時49分 Good service, fast shipment, reliable and friendly. Do get stuff from spence you will never regret!!!! Thanks!!!!!

 Mr johanelford ----ss---   2007年1月22日 22時3分 Excellent communication, fair pricing and superquick shipping A+++++

 BUY! BUY! BUY! JRON jaron_liu   2007年1月21日 13時20分 Just bought my second item from SPENCE, a pair of ice creams, and I'm from TORONTO, CANADA!!! You know how hard it is to get Bape/BBC/Ice Cream items here?! Big thanks and mad luv to Spence for being such a great helpful guy when I had questions, MUST DO BUSINESS Five *****'s

 great service henry henryjiang23   2007年1月20日 11時20分 A+++++++++++++++ srongly recommended

 Feedback    2007年1月20日 2時26分 Hey Spence, Just recieved the Aki shirt not too long ago,easy to contact and makes adjustments when needed.

 THANKS SPENCE John C john_cua   2007年1月20日 1時15分 Hey spence thanks for the best bid service out there!!! always dependable and highly reccommendable !!!!!!!! buy from spence when you need overseas items!

 kris kc-one( )rogers.com   2007年1月19日 2時16分 Dealt with spence many times. very reliable and always a pleasure to deal with!

 black shark Bapetalk n7best herchou11   2007年1月14日 12時24分 Man spence is the bestt yoooo i just got the black shark today mannn

 Tiger Hoody... Albert Hwang    2007年1月4日 9時43分 Spencer....got the hoody today....it was great...as always thanks again for your prompt service...

 Spencer's service Sebastian    2007年1月2日 18時3分 If your not buying from spencer right now and you don't live near a bape(bws), then your stupid. If you dont have time for lines and not copping from spencer, your stupid. if your tired of fat americans getting Large inventory in bws in new york and your not asking spencer for help to get your size small you should kill yourself. Spencer's service rules over all. he is a great nice guy takes care of you very well. Can find all your items easely and is always honest. fastest shipping ever. simple. easy effective smart. Para todo mi gente latinos y latinas compra con este man porque el sabe de lo bape. SPENCER THANKS FOR EVERYTHING WE WILL DO BUSINESS AGAIN AND FOREVER!


 wow n7best herchou11   2006年12月27日 12時42分 fast shippment and 100% legit seller!!!!

 Kaws Dissected Figure SAMBA    2006年12月21日 18時26分 Let me just add aswell, Spencer is very helpful and kept me up to date at every stage of the transaction. Great communication.

 Kaws Dissected Figure SAMBA    2006年12月21日 18時23分 I used Spe's Shoppersvillage to get me my Kaws Dissected- It arrived very quickley and in mint condition. Spencer comes Highly recommended and I hope to do business again with him in the near future.

 BBC BLUE HOODY Eric Bondoc teodoraborcean( )yahoo.ca   2006年12月18日 9時4分 Nice Hoody, great service. Will do business again!

 More stuff recieved Thanks. Francois    2006年12月17日 18時54分 Spencer Thanks Be back again.Good service.

 knit zipup rust    2006年12月16日 0時15分 Spence is a really great guy. He knows what service means and he tries to solve all your problems. Friendly and honest indeed. Thank you!

 Blue Crazy Camo BAPE Hoody Mike    2006年12月11日 11時18分 Great guy w/ great service. Answered all of my questions. Will definately be coming back around to do more business!

 Adidas x Ape Adam    2006年12月4日 22時35分 Best out of any bid service i have used, friendly, fast and honest!!

 great items mikeyliu    2006年11月29日 4時48分 Thanks again for the auction items, great service and 100% reliable as usual- nice one!

 Beautiful Shoes Molly    2006年11月26日 17時44分 Thank you for the greatest service, Spence! I love the item! See you soon!

 Jacket and Hoodie Karun    2006年11月21日 18時18分 Thanks for the great service and fast delivery.

 Neon Camo Blue John C john_cua   2006年11月19日 15時5分 THANKS SPENCE I LOVE YOUR SERVICE COMING BACK FOR MORE !!!

 Bape Road Sta's Albert    2006年11月18日 5時24分 Spencer as always...thanks for the help with the shoes...they look great.

 Best Auction Site In Japan! Alex    2006年11月16日 12時20分 Great service, super fast shipping, and even got my hoody at a great price! Keep up the good work Spencer!

 thanks a lot for my zip-up top! mikeyliu    2006年11月14日 9時30分 Great service...hard worker...trust 100% will be back soon

 spencer your the man francois    2006年11月12日 0時50分 Great service+he is funny+fast shipping+haha+he is spencer. Thanks will be back.

 Damn Good!!! Steve    2006年11月9日 23時40分 This is the best auction site in Japan, Super friendly, very fast shipping and super cheap...

 BAPE! kw user2279779( )yahoo.com   2006年11月8日 8時35分 Spencer is a great guy! product is great and shipping is fast! great service. [48]
 Thanks Spencer popolove    2006年11月6日 18時10分 Great service + Speedy delivery + Friendly = Spencer. Thanks!

 2 PAIRS OF BAPE STA Shad dj_shad71   2006年11月1日 23時50分 Again Spencer.. u have made me the happiest man in the world again... i got the bapes in record time.. and they are absoltly insane.. brand new condition for a killer price.. Spencer u are like a bape selling God!!!!! Truly amazing.. and dont ever think im going to stop coming back to you.. u will get more buisness out of me than anyone else.. peacee out kid.. keep doin ur thing!!!!!! p.s im hittin u up on those full camo crystals.. OH YEAH!!!!!!

 Spencer is great!!!! kC    2006年11月1日 5時9分 Highly recommended. i used to use juno but now i use spencer's service. he is extremely friendly and i will continue to use his services in the future! =D

 new balance triple threat d4 phoking153( )yahoo.com   2006年10月31日 10時38分 Highly recommended over Juno's bid service... friendly, lower fees, and fast shipping! i use to use Juno a lot but i'll be going thru spence from now on, thanks for the excellent service

 YAY! Kaws dissected Gil Rimmer grimmer( )mainframe.ca   2006年10月30日 12時0分 Great Service good price and super quick! I'm a very satisfied customer! All the best Gil

 GREAT SELLER!!!!! Jaron jaron_liu   2006年10月29日 16時20分 First of all Spence is not just a bidder, he's an overall great guy and person, very patient and can answer all your questions when you have doubts...He will also personally pay for your item and hold onto it for you until you have enough money!!! Great Person, You Must Do Business With Him Sometime!!!

 Re:Purchasing items  2006年10月29日 11時56分 Hi Brad, It will be my pleasure to help you grab those items off YJA &/or Stores in Japan. Do you have MSN? If Yes, then add me, we can chat about it, if No, then shoot me with the links of the items you want to purchase and i will give you the breakdown of the total cost shipped to your door. Regards, SPeNceR

 Purchasing Items Brad Moore bapemoore( )mac.com   2006年10月29日 10時52分 I am interested in purchasing items through you, but I have never done it before. I am looking to get the camo trucker BAPE hats, skullies, or shark hoodies in a sz Large. If you can help me out Id appreciate it. Tahnks.

 :) Kai yakumo_rok   2006年10月29日 7時54分 Again Spencer has scored me the goods. Fucking great guy and fast service.

 Spence Da Man J Mr_Bape   2006年10月27日 16時25分 Spencer is the best, he hooks you up! Don't sleep!

 second times a charm jared jaredmrosenberg( )yahoo.com   2006年10月27日 8時48分 I didn't bid high enough on the first item spencer tried to get for me, but this time i won. spencer sent the item right away, and i got it within days. couldn't be happer. thanks!

 The website is much better than before Spike    2006年10月25日 11時10分 It's great to redesign your site, it's much better than before, keep going... My friend

 A+ Khalid khalidjiwa( )shaw.ca   2006年10月25日 9時9分 Flawless transaction again... #4 this time.. #5 wont be long from now.. Thanks again my friend

 Brillant!! Kai yakumo_rok   2006年10月21日 22時22分 Well when can I say? The guy's a star and real good guy, ordered my Shark Hoody and it only took 2 days to arrive from Japan to the UK. During that time he send me scans of receipts and goes beyond the call of duty to help. Top guy and highly recommended, better than Juno too;)

 Good Experience! Alex    2006年10月21日 1時36分 Spencer is extremely quick to help, and process the entire transaction. From initial contact to receiving the item was only 4 days ! Incredible ! Thank you Spencer, and as everyone else is saying - I'll be a returning customer!

 Woodland OG Hoody Shad dj_shad71   2006年10月20日 20時34分 Absolutly first class service, Spencer helped me out soo much, Defenitly will be returning.. thanks for everything man.. peace

 Super Quick and Trustfull service! KriMz KriMz at Chello.nl   2006年10月19日 23時44分 Spencer is a great guy! His service makes it able for us "non-japanese" people to shop in Japan! His service is Highly Recommended! I will come back soon! ;)

 good service bruce chin b1470( )yahoo.com   2006年10月18日 12時35分 Spencere has quick serice and good communication. Its good working with him on transactions.

 Reliable and trustworthy jared jaredmrosenberg( )yahoo.com   2006年10月18日 11時40分 I contacted Spencer to bid on some items for me on Yahoo Japan Auctions. He tried, but my max price wasn't high enough. When I didn't win, he refunded my deposit immediately. I will definitely contact Spencer next time I want something from Yahoo Japan.

 Great Service!!! Spike    2006年10月13日 21時51分 I got items, it's fantastic! Fast shipping. smooth transaction. If you want to buy something from Japan, try to contact him.

 Thank You Spencer!! Ron D Z    2006年10月7日 2時34分 Spencer is a great guy, he spotted me $144 for a ring when I didn't even have the full amount yet. So he basically won the auction for me. Very good guy! I really appreciate it, fast shipping, it was the best! I love the BAPE ring that you won. It's 100% legit too.

 Spencer Rocks! Derek    2006年10月6日 14時11分 Great guy, cares about his customers! Will keep buying from him as long as I have the $$$ and he is still doing this sorta thing. Thanks man!!!

 best partner to work with, no joke Ronald r.starz   2006年10月5日 23時26分 Got my bapestas, got my hoodies, Spencer is THE person to work with. very friendly, understanding and helps customers a lot. as long as he doenst leave japan, im going to keep buying from him!

 A+ Khalid khalidjiwa( )shaw.ca   2006年10月4日 8時22分 3rd times a charm! This is my 3rd and definitely not my last time dealing with Spencer... got my BAPE neon today, couldn't be happier. Cares about his customers, unlike that other bid service! Thumbs down to Juno, thumbs up to Shopper's Village!

 Spencer Rox!!! DJ Ferro djf( )telenium.com   2006年10月3日 23時7分 Once again Spencer came through big and helped me find a very sought after vinyl figure and saved me money on top of that. Can't say enough. He's the best kept secret going!

 Neighborhood! Spike s   2006年10月1日 22時44分 He is a really nice seller, especially you are looking some special items that can be only found in Japan. Trust me, it's much cheaper than you grab it on your local store or Ebay (Anyway, if can find them on these places at first) .

 Dissected Kaws Sandeep Kingra sandeepkingra   2006年10月1日 22時13分 Hi, please can you get me a dissected kaws figure? How much would it cost to be shipped to the UK? Thanks!

 Re:EMS Tracking?   2006年9月30日 18時1分 Hi Ron D Z, Yes EMS is used for all shipments and Tracking number is always provided to track your items till it hits your door..lol. Thanks

 EMS Tracking? ron D Z    2006年9月30日 14時6分 Do you provide the purchases with a EMS tracking number?

 BAPE SHOES!! Denise Kroll thebecomming( )yahoo.com   2006年9月29日 12時35分 I was super satisfied with this service. I would recommend it to anyone. All my questions were answered fast, my shoes were purchased fast, and they arrived very quickly (they came all the way from Japan to the USA, so I was impressed!!!) The shoes were in excellent condition when they arrived. I will most definitely use this service in the future. :)

 UC Hi-Cut Shoes Mark    2006年9月23日 12時22分 Spencer is the man! Very good service, great communications & fast delivery! I will definitely use him again in the future!

 Thanks Khalid  2006年9月23日 3時9分 Khalid, Thanks for being a repeat customer...it always nice to deal with you. I give you two thumbs up!!!

 Excellent Khalid    2006年9月22日 12時15分 Just received my Fanta bapestas from the man... great to deal with, my second, and not my last experience.. I believe I was his first international customer :)

 Re:Re Charges fee from Chek Wei Jie    2006年9月20日 20時3分 Greetings from Japan!! Sir, the 7% charge fees per item is obtainable if you are buying more than 10 items at once from Japan auctions. But less than 10 you have to pay higher. Thanks for asking. I look forward to doing good business with you.

 Re: charges fee  Chek Wei Jie liverpoolthereds88( )yahoo.com.sg   2006年9月20日 0時31分 Hi, I from singapore, would like to know whether you can adjust your profit to 7% no matter what amount of the items i bid.I have open a shop selling some stuffs in singapore and helping singapore people to bid online.So i would like to know can adjust your charges fees to 6-7%.I can assure you that this will be a long time partnership with you if you agree to my proposal.I would kindly hope that we can work things out. Hope to hear reply from you soon.Thank you very much. Rgds Reds

 Great Service DJ Ferro djf( )telenium.com   2006年9月15日 13時0分 Would highly recommend. Great prices and even better communication!!

 Purple Camo Bapestas sz10 JesseD420    2006年9月2日 17時41分 Great to deal with. Fast delivery and amazing communication.

 Red/white Kaws Chompers.. Charles n/a   2006年8月30日 22時53分 Yeah right!! you are the best....nice dealing with you..fast shipment....i will continue to buy from you. Thanks

 Bape G Shock White albert hwang    2006年8月18日 11時51分 Spe's Shoppersvillage Japan helped me get a white Bape G shock....they were very responsive and helpful...very pleased with their service.

 Perfect! Viktor Sj?linder viggan_9   2006年8月17日 18時2分 Cant believe how easy it was. Even easier than buying from ebay yourself. Excellent communication and very amiable guy. Shipping was so fast i couldnt believe it and well packed. I didnt have to pay any customs either. Will always buy from this guy online.

 feedback Joshua Gai wawa187( )msn.com   2006年8月14日 12時1分 I did not think it was this simple but this service is very good. Everybody should really give it a try.

 Excellent Bidding and Delivery Service Yang     2006年8月7日 0時43分 Spence has been really great, patient and speedy in his bidding and delivery of items!!! Give him your support! Very dedicated person in such an area!

 english DOMINIQUE m   2006年8月4日 11時35分 This shit is hot I will be ordering from you.

 Amazed! Khalid Jiwa n/a   2006年7月24日 11時29分 Service could not have been any better.. excellent contact, friendly service, and speedy shipping. I will work again with him in the future, and I also plan on meeting him in person in Japan in a week because he seems like a great person!

 Authentic Hoodies got here...nice service. Freada Thornton thornfreaky78( )yahoo.com    2006年7月23日 18時50分 I used to buy from Ebay seller Pondon and Juno before i found you....Your service is cheaper and i chose what i want from the auctions...Nice hoodies...you are a great !!!..keep it up!!

 Great Service~ Brad Quon   2006年7月22日 19時35分 Top notch service for japan auctioned items! Thanks! we'll do business again very soon! Brad

 Nippon Brands Jason jasonwong_ca   2006年7月22日 18時27分 Great guy very helpful. Best importer I've ever dealt with.

 Jason Daryl    2006年7月22日 1時16分
Awesome service!


One of my most recent pick ups from Spe... Hope to grab some more Bape with him shortly.


@bbest  Thanks a million for using my service!


My biggest and best shipment from Spe yet, thanks a lot for putting this together Spe, really appreciate it!

Thanks Spe!


Thank you!! I am happy they arrived safely!


More Bape from Spe!


Swagg Swagg Wavy Splashin. Thanks Spe for helping me Stay as fly as I can!

Starky D

thanks spe sorry I did try to reply on my phone but the reply icon didn't seem to appear  :o



Pick up. great service


Delighted with first dealing with Spe  :)

One of the best Human Made t shirts yet:

Tried this Human Made jacket on at DSM and naturally baulked at £535 retail price. £120 on yahoo Japan auctions - thank you very much.

Great communication from Spe all the way through, will definitely recommend and use again.


@ajay , Thanks very much for using my service. I really appreciate!


Red camo bapex...beautiful

Ape x gore windstopper

Camo Snowboard, amazing details

OFxPorter wallet

ASNKA Snowboard


@dilly2Jz Thank you very much for using my service!
I appreciate your feedback!