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" I am very impressed with SpeBid. Great customer service. Always very quick to provide assistance and answers. An excellent source to get hard to find Japanese products in the U.S. You rule Spencer. Keep up the great work."

Jon Cohen

- Jon Cohen CEO - The Fader. 

"I turned up a number of forbiddingly impersonal and expensive proxy services before seeking direction from nerds on sneaker forums. The proxy service I chose is called SpeBid."

Rafil Kroll-Zaidi

- Rafil Kroll-Zaidi Author - Harper's Magazine | New York Times.

"The personal approach Spe offers makes me feel extremely lucky this Service exists and it certainly stands head shoulder above the other proxy services I've tried in the past."

Yuri Pattison

- Yuri Pattison British Artist - Frieze Artist Award Winner.

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