How to buy a car from Yahoo Japan Auctions


How to buy a car from Japan | Easy Steps

1: Select your vehicle from 

Find the best Japanese vehicle for you on Yahoo Japan Auctions. Once you find the car, send us the links to the car(s) at ( You can use to convert the current auction price of the vehicle to your currency to know exactly how much it costs to buy it first.

2: Get an invoice to buy and ship the car to you.. very easy and simple!

We will send you an invoice to pay for the vehicle using Bank transfer to our bank in Japan or any other secured means you choose to send us payment; paypal, moneygram or PayZa.

You can chat with us online with LINE app, as you can see the QR code at the footer of our site. Our service is so personalized. Your Japan connect! We help you buy anything you need from Japan.


3: Complete the payment.

After you have completed the payment please send us a copy of  your Bank Transfer as proof of payment by email ( ( ). When the payment is here, we will email you a confirmation.

4: Your vehicle is shipped.

We will immediately begin the export arrangements for the first vessel available and ship out your vehicle. It is so simple and easy!  You can follow the status of your shipment. We will send the documents to you or your agent by courier a few days after the vessel leaves Japan.

5: Collect your vehicle.

As soon as  you receive the documents, you can start arranging for collection and registration of the vehicle in your country.  You can use a clearing agent can help you to complete the procedure.
You have your vehicle now!! You can drive it away! Tell friends about our services.



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