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 There are lots of rare and great items sold on Yahoo Japan Auctions , Mercari,  Rakuma, mbok.jp and Shops  at very reasonable prices, but the problem is most Japanese sellers would not ship international – simply because they do not understand English or would not know how to deal with international buyers.


Most auction sites and online shops do not have a convenient payment system for oversea buyers such as PayPal where the seller would automatically get the information of instant payment & shipping address of the oversea buyer.

If you won an item from Yahoo Japan Auctions or buy items from online shop, payments are usually done by local wire transfer (bank-to-bank ) or COD(cash-on delivery) in Japan. Therefore, you would need to have a local bank account or a middleman in Japan to help you arrange payments and shipping.  That is why you need Spencer’s SpeBid proxy shopping service. Spencer has been doing this business since 2006 and  has shipped out very many items.  Here are some of the testimonials from great customers worldwide: SpeBid.Com Testimonials
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q) How to place order to bid or buy items using your service?
A)- Sign up on SpeBid Forum, then subscribe for 1 year shopping membership which is just $30. You can now start shopping!
Other fees:
For Auctions
Yahoo Japan Auction.
Title : Win7 & office2013/Core i3 爆速 SSD250G & 4GB/東芝
Toshiba Dynabook B551/D
Price: ¥39800 (BuyNow)
– Before we bid, you are required to pay the 1st deposit of total maximum bid amount of item(s)x 3.9% (paypal fee).
Sum total price: ¥39800
PayPal fees(3.9%): 1552.2
Sum total price +PayPal.com fee =1st deposit to pay =: ¥41352.2
-As soon as i receive the 1st deposit, i will place bids and once the bids are placed.
2nd payment/ final payment:(winning price +  (local shipping + handling charge(approx. US$9-US$12 depends on seller’s location in Japan )) + oversea shipping(It can be calculated here :http://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/charge/list/ems_all_en.html )
 ***Please note: If you lost an auction bid, you will have to choose between keeping your funds safe with us or refund your 1st deposit (allow for 2-3 days)(No fees will be charge for auctions you did not win.)
– Item will be shipped after all payments are received and allow at least 6-8days to receive your item(s) in your country. You can also track the shipping.
Q) How do i navigate Yahoo Japan Auction as they are in Japanese?
A) It is pretty simple, just watch this videos and you will be fine :

Q) What are the shipping options?
A) I offer 4 shipping options :
1. EMS (Express Mail Service), 3 days – 1 week delivery. Insured & Trackable.
2. Airmail, 1 – 2 weeks delivery.
3. SAL, 2 – 3 weeks delivery.
****Note for AIRMAIL & SAL shipping :
– for a small box i will use the SMALL PACKET service which is cheap but it will NOT be insured & NOT trackable.
– for a big box, I will use the EMS International Post service which will be insured & trackable.
– depending on the box size & weight – sometimes EMS will be cheaper.
4. Surface, 6 – 8 weeks delivery. Insured & Trackable.
*** I usually ship in 24 hours after I receive items from sellers and received 2nd/final payment from my customers…ships very fast!!
 Q) Is Airmail or SAL shipping safe? 

A) It is relatively safe, but there is no guarantee. If you chose Airmail or SAL shipping and the package gets lost or damaged, I will not be held responsible. But I have shipped few items overseas using Airmail or SAL since i have started bid service from April 2006, until now there is no loss of items on transit recorded.

 Q) If I buy multiple items from different sellers, will you ship everything all at once to me? 

A) Yes, i will hold the items until everything arrives and ship them together so you can save on the shipping cost. And i do not charge any extra fee for holding the shipment.

Q) Could you please quote the total payment amount including all your fees?

A) I will only be able to quote the approximate total since the shipping & handling cost will depend on the size & weight of package and unless I have the items with me, I will not be able to quote you the exact total including shipping to your location in the world, but I will have a little bit clue. Also, usually for the domestic shipping &handling fee, if it is not stated in the auction page, i will only be able to know after i have purchased/won it.

Q) Is your price cheaper than other companies who offer bidding service on Yahoo auctions ?

A) I wouldn’t say yes, Give it a try ..it will convince you.

Q) If I buy several items from the same seller, will you count your commission as one? 

A) No more commission for members(US$30 Yearly)

 Q) Do you translate the auction page?

A) Yes I do translate but there is a very wonderful way to translate automatically to Japanese. It is advised you download Google Chrome.( How to) This will save you a lot of time and energy asking me to translate.


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