Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is Spebid Japan?
A: SpeBid is a service that purchases or orders products on behalf of our customers and ships the packages to them anywhere in the world. Spebid takes care of everything from ordering to international shipment. The great thing about spebid is that it is the cheapest forwarding service and it is just US$30 per year and you can shop as you like without any other fees or commissions.

Q: Why should i buy from japan?
A: There are lots of shops in Japan selling authentic items that are not easily available in other countries.

Q: How does this SpeBid Service work?
A: As most Japanese sellers do not ship international, you need a middleman in Japan to help you arrange payments,shipping and handling. All you have to do is to become a SpeBid member.

Q: This sound too complicated and i do not want issues.
A: SpeBid is 100% reliable, trusthworthy, been around since 2006. Your funds are safe with SpeBid Japan handled by PayPal USA.

Q: Is it not expensive to use your service?
A: It is very affordable to use SpeBid because It's among the cheap proxies in Japan if not the cheapest so far. Why pay more for less when you can buy more for less?

Q: How do i pay?
A: You can pay by PayPal or credit card via PayPal. A few customers prefer wire transfer (bank-to-bank) for larger amounts.

Q:What's the order process like?

A: Sign up on SpeBid forum and submit your order to bid an auction or buy from a japanese webshop via private message to me[spe] and pay an initial payment for the item's cost. I will buy the item and when i receive the item, the second invoice will be sent to you for the remaining balance and for shipping. Shipping takes approximately 4-6days to reach your door step(trackable).


Tools you need to start navigating Japanese online shops and auction sites.

1. Google translate or download a plugin in your web browser.

2. Yahoo Finance or to convert currencies( Remember that prices and payments are done in Japanese Yen not chinese Yuan, they have the same symbol(=Y=) ).

Q: Can i earn money with

A: Yes,you can make US$3 per referral to SpeBid. Click on the banner below to get started.

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